Vertical Markets

Cornerstone Control Systems has been in the business of electronic systems contracting for years, and our products and services more than speak for our company. Throughout our extensive experience in dealing with clients, we learned that companies are looking for industry-specific products that fit their needs and work best for their particular niche.

As a result, Cornerstone has continued to develop systems and technologies designed for use in specific fields and industries. Our emphasis on the vertical market has led us to become experts in certain fields. To support this, our team of technicians and professionals are always onboard in terms of industry updates that they can apply to the company and our clients.

Cornerstone aims to deliver its exceptional products and services to the following fields and markets:

If your company or institution falls under any of these industries and you’re looking for brand new technologies to improve the way you do things, give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss your plans.

Unlike single-detached homes, multi-family buildings have more demanding requirements in terms of security and life safety.
Cornerstone’s extensive experience in the fields of life safety and security enables us to provide customized solutions for commercial properties.
Cornerstone’s expertise in the field of life safety and security, provide the best systems for your facility.
Whatever the size of the education institution, Cornerstone provides unparalleled products and service for its life safety and security needs.
Cornerstone provides the industry’s best products and services in life safety to secure government structures and public offices.
Ensuring the safety of patients, medical staff and specialized medical equipment is crucial in any healthcare facility.