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security2Providing customer focused solutions in the Low Voltage Industry for more than 25 years, Cornerstone Security, Inc. has become a premier leader specializing in Life Safety, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Surveillance, and Communication Systems. We strive to be the best service and installation organization with a positive, solution based approach and a response time that is unmatched. Our Design Team can help you develop an effective, yet affordable communications solution. Our CAD department works with development teams and engineers to implement ideas and thoughts, which will create blueprints for a successful venture.

Our Factory Trained Service Personnel are ready to help with your Maintenance, Service, and Inspection requirements and we continue to improve our operations to adhere to our customers changing environment to find a solution that works.



Unlike single-detached homes, multi-family buildings have much more demanding requirements in terms of technologies. This is the reason why Cornerstone has dedicated time and effort to design products that will cater to the elevated needs of multi-family structures.

Together with your cooperation, our products can turn your multi-family building into a high-end and reputable community residential complex that offers you and your residents an absolute peace of mind.




If the commercial complex is not ready to address common safety and security issues, clients and customers may lose trust in the company. In turn, the commercial facility’s reputation may be tarnished. In other words, unpreparedness might spell disaster for the commercial building.

Let Cornerstone come up with sound solutions for your commercial needs. Our extensive experience in the field of electronic safety and design can provide you with the answers to your most common safety and security concerns. Let our expertise in the following fields boost your line of safety and security for your commercial property.




Client satisfaction is the utmost concern of businesses involved in the hospitality industry, and that is exactly what we at Cornerstone can provide you with.

Whatever your business is – hotel, resort, casino, or any entertainment complex – let Cornerstone’s expertise in the field of electronic controls give you the best possible safety and security system for your facility.




Cornerstone systems are designed to provide fortified security and preventive safety measures for just about any kind of industry, but we have developed a special niche for the requirements of educational facilities. We understand the importance of upholding safety for students, teachers and professors, and guests. This level of security should also extend to the physical properties of the school.




Cornerstone has been in the business of providing some of the industry’s best products and services in the line of life safety and security. We provide effective and affordable solutions in securing government structures.

All of our systems are cost-effective, and we can even customize our services based on your needs and budget. We understand the budget constraints of cities and counties, as well as the level of security that states and federal establishments require. Cornerstone can assure you of the latest systems paired with the highest quality service.


We are the premier leader specializing in Life Safety, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Surveillance, and Communication Systems

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