Communication between medical professionals is very crucial especially in critical situations. We at Cornerstone understand the healthcare industry’s goal of offering a quick and effective response to emergency situations, and that’s why our products are designed to be fast, convenient and accurate.

Our nurse call systems were created to answer the needs of hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, and assisted-living areas in providing patients with effective and user-friendly communication links to their nurses and caregivers. Our products range from basic call light systems to top-of-the-line PBX telephone systems.

Experience the breadth of our outstanding services in nurse call systems through the following steps:


Our highly skilled team of technicians will set up a nurse call system without the need to disrupt the normal flow of operations in the hospital or medical facility. We will test the system and deliver the best possible service to improve communications within your medical building.


Part of our service is to ensure that our clients know how to use and maintain the system. Our technical support team offers extensive help in terms of system operation and basic troubleshooting.


We understand that running a medical facility or nursing home may leave you with less time to maintain your nurse call system. Just give us a call, and we will conduct maintenance on our products. We also offer regular scheduled maintenance to ensure that your systems are updated and working properly.

Cornerstone’s nurse call system products are aligned with industry standards to meet your requirements. Backed with our reliable customer service, our products provide a sense of security that your patients can reach you quickly in the easiest way imaginable.