Gone are the days when keys and padlocks were enough to secure a building from unauthorized access. These archaic security measures cannot tell you who’s going in and out of your building. And even if you hire security personnel to guard the area, this might not be enough to assure that entry and exit to your facility is monitored properly.

The best way to secure your building or facility is by installing an access control system, which allows you to regulate entry and exit points. Cornerstone offers electronic access control systems that are aligned with the latest technologies for a stronger and more manageable security framework.

We provide installation services for new construction projects that need a strong access control system. Our in-house professionals are highly skilled in these types of security systems and structural design software like AutoCAD. We will coordinate with your construction team to discuss your particular security needs, evaluate your construction blueprints to effectively integrate the system into your new facility, and ensure that your new building will be completely secure.

Our services are also applicable for upgrades on existing systems. If you feel that your current access control system is already obsolete or if you have recently encountered illegal entry issues, we can help you tighten and fortify the security measures inside your building. We will use our updated technologies to tap into your existing network structure so that you won’t need to re-learn the system. You may also request to add more buildings and entry points that you need to regulate access to.

We will adjust to the level of access control that you need. Cornerstone can provide a wide array of options from a simple single-door standalone access control system to a comprehensive and full-scale networkable system.

Whether it’s a residential unit or a corporate complex, Cornerstone can provide the best access control system at the most reasonable price. This way, you can rest assured that your building is totally secure round the clock, 7 days a week.